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Girls At Work

You'll be able to listen to Serial in lots of places: proper here on our web site, on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and on Pandora. Forty p.c of the High 25 podcasts with a daily posting schedule publish once per week. Additionally available as a standalone, six episode sequence, every instalment takes on one particular detail about clothing - plaid, pockets, blue jeans - and digs into their history, looking at every little thing from class and gender to the impression of the loom on pc programming.

Hosted by Ben Thompson, the author of probably the most extremely-regarded tech blogs and newsletters, Stratechery, and James Allworth, head of innovation at Cloudflare, each episode dissects the workings of the tech trade from a strategic standpoint. Whether they're discussing the return of wind-powered ships or investigating the hyperlink between the phonograph and on-line music, every episode of The Secret Historical past of the Future is filled with new methods of wanting at the modern world.

Earlier than that, for a few years, she was the senior producer of This American Life, which is heard by greater than four million listeners each week. There are several totally different cellular functions that enable folks to subscribe and take heed to podcasts. After you've finished recording, enhancing, and producing your podcast, you can upload it to internet hosting sites like Libsyn , Anchor , and Transistor They'll generate your RSS feed for you, so you possibly can submit it to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and different gamers.

As a result of podcasts are normally downloaded and might be copied onto portable devices like iPods and cell phones, you and your college students can listen to them wherever at anytime, without requiring being linked to the Internet. Brian Reed is the senior producer of the general public radio present and podcast This American Life. So, in a method, Satellite tv for pc Radio, with its capacity to provide more channels than Broadcast Radio, takes a step towards podcasting — however nonetheless doesn't come close.

A variety of times the hosts (and friends) are everyday people sharing their experience and experiences. Audio has usually been seen as a "poor relation" to video and different forms of multimedia, and maybe the best challenge in the usage of podcasting in education is to seek out ways in which audio supplies can be most effectively used in pedagogical phrases.

The episodes have been downloaded over 4,000,000 times. Hosted by 99% producer Avery Trufelman, who speaks to specialists on topics corresponding to how Hawaii's Aloha shirt lead to casual Fridays in places of work, it's excellent for people who'd somewhat hearken to a podcast about dressing effectively than dress effectively. Stitcher, a web based radio and podcast website, says that the typical listener stays connected for 22 minutes The science of consideration spans supports this number, too.